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New GPG key

My old GPG key (with ID 6248BA12) is now obsolete because it was too short (1024 bits) and I used the deprecated SHA1 algorithm for most of my signatures. I have revoked that key and I generated a new one, that is signed with my old key. The new key ID is FE0A7AF3. Please update your keyring with the following commands:

$ gpg --keyserver pgp.rediris.es --refresh-keys 6248BA12
$ gpg --keyserver pgp.rediris.es --recv-keys FE0A7AF3

I will be at the FOSDEM keysigning party, so if you are attending FOSDEM don't miss the party, and we can exchange key signatures for this new key.

If you still have an old key, you may consider creating a stronger key.

Written on Jan 27 2010 | Tags: #gnupg, #pgp, #gpg, #fosdem
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