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Do featured articles get more visits in Wikipedia?

My colleague Antonio Reinoso is close to finish his PhD thesis on the analysis of usage patterns of Wikipedia. We have collaborated in a paper that is one of the main results of his PhD work, about the impact of featured articles in Wikipedia, with a paper entitled "A statistical approach to the impact of featured articles in Wikipedia".

Here you can find a tag cloud of the contents of the paper:

analysis articles attention case characterization contents editions english featured foundation group impact information lines log month number pages previous request servers squid statistical status study user visits wikimedia wikipedia work
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The results show that the featured article mechanism only increases visits to articles in the English Wikipedia, while in other top editions of Wikipedia the level of visits does not change when the articles are marked as featured. Why does this work only for the English Wikipedia? We do not know yet, and that makes me even more impatient to Antonio to finish his dissertation where he explores this and other very interesting questions and queer findings.

The paper is available in PDF, and it can be cited using this BibTeX code (also available as a text file for your convenience):

  author    = 	 {Antonio J. Reinoso 
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Written on Nov 15 2010 | Tags: #wikipedia, #featured articles
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