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Freenet, an anonymous and distributed network

A couple of days ago, reading the David de Ugarte's blog, I discovered Freenet, a fully distributed network to share files. To a certain extent, Freenet is like the web, but completely anonymous and distributed. This is, sites cannot know who you are, and sites are not stored in a specific location, but distributed across several disks in the network.

I am completely fascinated by the idea of an anonymous and distributed network. It reminds of the times when I implemented the Gnutella protocol in Python, and started to play with peer-to-peer protocols. At the current moment, with net neutrality under threat and discussions about what should be the network for, the idea of fully distributed and anonymous network is particularly appealing.

As a first step, I am uploading my blog to Freenet (which is called a flog in Freenet nomenclature). It is available in this Freenet link (please, beware you need to install Freenet otherwise that link will not work).

The flog contents are exactly the same, although I have removed all Javascript from the pages, and I have changed my Jekyll templates to make them less heavy. So now when I write a new post using Emacs Org-mode, convert it to HTML, add it to my personal Git repository and push to my personal server, not only my blog is updated in the web at http://herraiz.org/blog, but also my flog in Freenet. Cool.

Written on Dec 11 2010 | Tags: #freenet, #flog, #hacking
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