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Debian finally shipping a free kernel

Some months ago, I wrote about a talk by Richard Stallman where he stated that Linux was not free software. After careful research on the topic, I reached the same conclusion, and I have to admit that I was a little astonished because Debian, the flagship free software distribution, decided to ship the kernel with some GPL violations. That blog post had some impact, and even some bugs were open in Ubuntu's Launchpad reporting the issue, where Mark Shuttlework himself commented about how to overcome the problem.

But this story finally has a happy ending: Debian has announced today that they are shipping a completely free kernel in Debian 6.0 "Squeeze".

Good news.

UPDATE: Miquel points out that Debian has been already shipping another completely free kernel since long ago: kFreeBSD. This post was talking only about the Linux kernel distributed with Debian.

Written on Dec 15 2010 | Tags: #debian, #free software
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