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The interplay between businesses and open source

This month, the IEEE Software magazine comes with an interesting article about the impact and possibilities of different open source licenses on business models. The paper is available at the IEEE Digital library: Matching Open Source Software Licenses with Corresponding Business Models. From the abstract:

Scores of software producers have turned toward open source licenses
to improve service for their customers. For these companies, choosing
the correct license determines business success. When the available
open source stack and licensing options grow, so does the need to
understand the interplay among licensing, sourcing decisions, and
business goals. A model of license choice emphasizes different
licenses and rationalizes the choice of an open source software (OSS)
license. This is crucial for smaller companies and start-ups that
don't have the tools and knowledge to perform a thorough investigation
of all the consequences of their license choice every time they employ

Furthermore, the Computer magazine also brings an interesting article about how to manage open source projects, from a point of view of a software firm. It is also available in the IEEE Digital library: Controlling and Steering Open Source Projects.

Please bear in mind that the IEEE Digital library is a paywall. Send me a message if you want to have a look; I can send you a copy if you cannot access the papers.

Written on Sep 08 2011 | Tags: #open source, #licenses, #ieee
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