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Trying to write from iPad

My blog works using Jekyll and Org Mode, along with a Git repository. Every time I push a new org file to the repository (a new blog post), it gets translated into HTML by Emacs, and published in the web.

This is very cool, as I can write in the blog while I am offline, and just push the changes whenever I get online again.

But there is a big drawback: I can only post from devices that run Emacs.

In the last months I have started to write more and more with an iPad, and I have always felt that it really sucks that I cannot post in my blog directly from the iPad.

After some investigations, I think I have found the setup that will allow me to write from the iPad, and maybe, this can also mean that I will revive my blog.

In order to publish a blog post from the iPad, I need two pieces:

I have not been able to find a text editor with Org mode syntax higlighting. But other than that, Textastic is just working fine.

It integrates very well with Working Copy, a very nice Git client for iPad. This app allows to commit in a local clone in the iPad, and then push to my server.

So now, I can write the Org file in the editor, save it in Working Copy, commit and push it. The hooks in my cloned repo at the server, where Emacs and Jekyll are installed, just take care of the rest.

Written on Jul 03 2016 | Tags: #blog, #ipad, #textastic, #workingcopy
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